Many people, myself included, take for granted what it means to be healthy, or forget to think about what it is like to be in physical or mental state that limits our ability to find enjoyment in life. I ask that we all reflect on the positivity we have in our lives. I joined the Michael J. Fox Foundation because this organization understands the values I have mentioned above.  Their mission is to combat a disease, the second most common neurological disorder, that limits the abilities of many people. I believe there is a cure for Parkinson’s, it’s more a matter of when we will find it rather than if. This timing is controlled primarily by funding for research. The MJFF has raised a remarkable $650 million for Parkinson’s research since 2000. The chart below represents the impact this funding has made in different areas of research.

          table-final               piechart-final

For more specific information, please visit the Learn More tab on this website. If you would like to donate, please click here to go to my funding profile page on the MJFF website. There you will be able to make a donation. No matter how small or large please remember that everything counts. Thank you for visiting, and please continue to visit my page for more information about my trip and the impact I make along the way.

Enjoy the Ride!


Matt Barbaccia